Appendix I

Bibliography of John Payne

A. Principal Works

In December 1871 Payne was residing at 37 Upper Marylebone Street (see page 15).

Published. Later Editions.
1. The Masque of Shadows and other Poems 1870 1884
2. Intaglios 1871
3. Songs of Life and Death 1872 1884

In April 1876 Payne was residing at 20 North Row, Park Lane (see page 54).

4. The Poems of François Villon 1878 1881–92
5. Lautrec 1878
6. New Poems 1880 1884
7. The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night (nine volumes) 1882–4

In March 1884 Payne was residing at 5 Lansdowne Place, Brunswick Square (see page 80).

8. Tales from the Arabic (three volumes) 1884
9. Alaeddin and Zein ul Asnam 1885
10. The Decameron of Boccaccio (three volumes) 1886 1893

In 1886 or 1887 he removed to 10 Oxford Road, Kilburn (see page 99).

11. The Novels of Matteo Bandello (six volumes) 1890
12. The Quatrains of Omar Kheyyam 1898
13. The Poems of Hafiz (three volumes) 1901
14. Collected Poems (two volumes) 1902
15. The Descent of the Dove (only 25 copies printed) (It is included in No. 17, Songs of Consolation) 1902
16. Vigil and Vision, with Supplement of which only 10 copies were printed (October) 1903
17. Songs of Consolation 1904
18. Hamid the Luckless and other Tales in verse 1904
19. Flowers of France, Romantic Period (two vols.) 1906
20. Flowers of France, The Renaissance 1907
21. Carol and Cadence 1908
22. Ibn et Tefrid 1908 1909
23. Flower o’ the Thorn 1908

In January 1910 he removed to Kingswood, Mortimer Crescent (12 Mortimer Road, Maida Vale). (See page 230.)

24. The Poems of Heinrich Heine (three volumes) 1911
25. Flowers of France, The Latter Days (two vols.) 1913
26. The Way of the Winepress (unpublished)
27. The Marvellous History of Seif ben Dhi Yezn, King of Yemen (unpublished)

In 1914 he removed to The Boltons, South Kensington (see page 262).

B. Selections, Privately Printed Works and Newspaper and Magazine Articles

St. Paul’s Magazine.

A City Apologue, December 1867 (Collected Poems, ii. 3).

Columbus, May 1868 (not republished).

The Red Rose, October 1868 (Collected Poems, ii. 38).

Quia Multum Amavit, December 1868 (Collected Poems, ii. 17).

The Search after the Fountain of Jouvence,591 March-June 1869 (Collected Poems, i. 215).

Temple Bar.

A Dream Life, March 1868 (Collected Poems, ii. 35).

St. James’s Magazine.

Vol. 40, pp. 98–103. Review of Professor Blackie’s “Faust.”

Le Tombeau de Théophile Gautier.

Poems by Swinburne, Payne and others, 1873. Payne’s contribution consisted of three poems:

Théophile Gautier (a), Collected Poems, p. 211.

Théophile Gautier (b), Collected Poems, p. 213.

A Funeral Song for Théophile Gautier, Collected Poems, p. 293.

New Quarterly Review.

Specimens of Proposed Translation of The Arabian Nights, January-April 1879.

Nineteenth Century.

September 1880; Article on Villon, pp. 481–500.

Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night: its History and Character.

Twenty copies reprinted for the author, 1884.

Sir Winfrith and other Poems.

Published by the John Payne Society, 1905.

Selections from the Poetry of John Payne.

Made by Tracy and Lucy Robinson, New York, 1906.

Abou Mohammed.

Published by the John Payne Society, 1906.

Newton-Cowper Centenary Verses by Payne.

Published by the Cowper Society, 1907.

Humoristica, 1st Series, 24 pages, 1909.

Humoristica, 2nd Series, 48 pages, 1909.

[591] Appears in Collected Poems as “The Fountain of Youth.”